Simple Guide to Hunting a Smart Phone

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We at Tourneyhub understand the frustration and dilemma that one may face when sifting through the huge assortment of mobile brands and models that seem to be popping up every couple of months.

We hope that this will help you with the ever tiresome hunt for a smart phone / gaming phone. Especially, if you are new to mobile gaming.

Top Tips

1. Screen Size and Refresh Rate

Screen size is a big deal for gaming as makes it easier to spot details in the game, and secondly, it feels much less cramped as you try to control your character.

High Refresh Rates are great, but most games will max out at 60 FPS (if they even reach it), so a 120 Hz screen doesn’t make much of a difference for gaming specifically. At least not on the visual side — a high refresh rate, however, does suggest higher touch responsiveness.

2. Touch responsiveness and accuracy

This part is most often missed when shopping for a phone, as the colours of the screen would usually hypnotize you. However, to break it down.. Accuracy means that your screen taps will be accepted at the moment when you actually tapped; Responsiveness means that there will be next to no delay between you touching the screen and the device actually registering that touch.

Tip: Google the model name with the adjective “touch input lag” and see what the community is saying.

Same with accuracy — be aware of that when shopping

3. Processor

We all know that it’s more than an uphill task for an iPhone 5 to operate on the latest operating software simply because the processor isn’t keeping up with it. When considering the processor, the number of cores is often the determining factor.

Tip: More cores allow the phone to run/process more as well as functioning smoothly. By standard, most phones today come with octa-core.

4. RAM

Random Access Memory – If you think RAM is all there is to have a perfect game, it’s not. Most of the time, games use about 1GB of RAM or slightly more. The rest are used to run the phone’s UI.

So what you’ll need to look at is the phone’s OS and processor as well.

A minimum of 4GB is good enough for a start.

However, if the games are more intense and are more demanding on the graphics, consider getting a smartphone with 8GB or 12GB RAM.

Simple ..yes?

We at TourneyHub hope you now have some clarity and ready to get shopping for your new mobile phone!.. Right below is a simple infograph that you can save and to act as a check list whilst you are on the go.

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