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What’s up gamers!! We at TourneyHub would like to help launch yourself into the PC Master race! So here’s the low down on how you can get all setup with a RM2k budget!

Disclaimer: This is a work/gaming setup..Not a rig build!! So this is for someone whom is really new to PCs and is just beginning.

So with that outta the way..

A little back story. Sometime late November last year, we were approached by a friend whom was tired of his old PS4 and was looking for a change to his gaming setup. Always being fascinated by computers, he though that this maybe the opportunity to switch up from console gaming to PC gaming. However, with only a RM2k budget he was not sure how he would go about doing it in terms of value and something that would hold up to the ever-changing PC environment.

Naturally, we got in-touch with our boyz over at Capique Tech. They specialise in computer parts, accessories and Custom gaming PC builds for all your computing needs. Of course, they were happy to help! We emphasised that we are on a tight budget and in need of something basic but also something that will hold up in the near future, with upgrades in mind.

So, whilst they were conjuring up a PC build we set out to find other items for this setups. Remember, we are starting from scratch!! Due to the current pandemic, we instinctively took too online shopping to find the best deals that could be delivered straight to our door step.

So here is the list of items we scored to get our friend ready :

Table RM70
Chair RM180
60HZ Monitor RM150
Peripherals RM120
Keyboard Mouse & Headset Combo

Great! So, we got the gear ready with a total cost of RM 520. This leaves us with a balance of RM 1480 to be put into our rig! Soon after, the boyz at Capique Tech got back in touch with us to present the breakdown of what they manage to conjure up. So, here’s the breakdown you had been waiting for:

  • MOBO :GIGABYTE H410M S2 / LGA1200 / MATX / RAM x 2 / PCIEx16 x 1
  • Graphics card VGA: COLORFUL GT710‐2GD3‐V / 2GB DDR3 / BASE 954MHZ CORE CLOCK
  • RAM: ADATA / LONGDIMM / DDR4 / 8GB / 2666MHZ
  • SSD: APACER AS340 / 2.5″ TLC / 120GB / READ 550MB/s / WRITE 500MB/s
  • Power Supply: SEGOTEP AP550W / 550W / 80 PLUS
  • Wifi: Tp-Link 150mbps usb adapter (we had this laying around)

Yet, knowing that our friend needed more space for his gaming needs. We asked Capique Tech to add in a 1TB HDD for his games to be installed into. So his operating software would be on the SSD making his start-up and work task more efficient. Happy with the result,we gave Capique Tech the go-ahead and this is what they pull through for us!

Wow! We were ecstatic as we knew our friend would share the same feeling of joy! Upon taking delivery, we later shopped online and added a 120mm RGB fan to the back of the case as an exhaust fan to keep airflow cool and clean in the case as it only came with 3 fans.

There you have it!! The total cost for the rig itself was RM1480, just making the cut of our friends RM2K budget. Of course in future he will be looking to upgrade certain components.  like adding UP TO 16gb of RAM (sweet spot), a better GPU and better peripherals.

So we hope this help give you and idea of what to look out for and what to expect when planning to get your gaming setup done. No harm starting small and working your way up to bigger and better things as you grow and learn the ins and outs of PCs and building it!

Hope you enjoyed the read and we hope we helped you Raise the bar of your gaming requirements!!

Scott De Wind

Scott De Wind

Wanna be Gamer = Drudge

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