Top 15 Highest Overall Earnings in Esports

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Ever wondered how much our eSports players are earning over the years?

Seems it is currently dominated by Professional Dota 2 Players. Considering their Tournaments have monstrous prize pool. 

Top 15 Overall Highest Earners in The World.

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Overall)Highest Paying GameTotal (Game)
1.Denmark N0tailJohan Sundstein$6,890,591.79Dota 2$6,882,440.18 
2.Finland JerAxJesse Vainikka$6,470,000.02Dota 2$6,470,000.02 
3.Australia anaAnathan Pham$6,000,411.96Dota 2$6,000,411.96 
4.France CebSébastien Debs$5,489,233.01Dota 2$5,489,233.01 
5.Finland TopsonTopias Taavitsainen$5,414,446.17Dota 2$5,414,446.17 
6.Germany KuroKyKuro Takhasomi$5,174,188.15Dota 2$5,172,464.81 
7.Jordan Miracle-Amer Al-Barkawi$4,737,818.88Dota 2$4,737,818.88 
8.Bulgaria MinD_ContRoLIvan Ivanov$4,528,893.36Dota 2$4,528,893.36 
9.Lebanon GHMaroun Merhej$4,131,826.44Dota 2$4,131,826.44 
10.Finland MatumbamanLasse Urpalainen$3,633,781.04Dota 2$3,633,781.04 
11.Pakistan SumaiLSumail Hassan$3,591,225.34Dota 2$3,591,225.34 
12.United States BughaKyle Giersdorf$3,062,966.67Fortnite$3,062,966.67 
13.United States UNiVeRsESaahil Arora$3,057,237.67Dota 2$3,057,237.67 
14.United States ppdPeter Dager$3,019,831.36Dota 2$2,993,719.62 
15.China Somnus丶MLu Yao$2,917,865.42Dota 2$2,917,865.42 

Top 10 Malaysian eSports Earners.

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Overall)Highest Playing GameTotal (Game)
1.Malaysia xNovaYap, Jianwei$1,814,469.54Dota 2$1,814,469.54 
2.Malaysia MidOneZheng, Yeik Nai$1,719,335.07Dota 2$1,719,335.07 
3.Malaysia MushiChai, Yee Fung$1,023,619.17Dota 2$1,023,332.18 
4.Malaysia Ah-fuChuan, Tue Soon$781,296.55Dota 2$781,296.55 
5.Malaysia ChuaNWong, Hock Chuan$740,982.93Dota 2$714,049.53 
6.Malaysia OhaiyoChong, Xin Khoo$583,343.69Dota 2$583,343.69 
7.Malaysia MoonKam Boon Seng$465,995.65Dota 2$465,995.65 
8.Malaysia 343Adam Shah$380,430.98Dota 2$380,430.98 
9.Malaysia NetPern Lim Wai$157,425.35Dota 2$157,208.00 
10.Malaysia Ky`xYLee, Kong Yang$134,786.54Dota 2$134,720.48 

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Source : esportsearnings

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