Double-crossed and Blackmailed

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.. The Controversy Continues..

2019 has seen a huge rise in the Malaysian eSports industry. The ever-growing events and tournaments attract big teams big prize pools and huge productions.

Not a shocker, with the amount of funds exchanging hands, that there are bound to be some bad hats lurking and trying to take advantage.

Following the recent controversy surrounding Axis Esports. Certain individual parties have come forward to state their claim on the matter.

The recent seasonal league tournaments hosted by Axis were outsourced to different fractions, whom specialised in the different gaming segments.

The corresponding fractions had appointed treasurers in order to handle payments and funding. Not all have come forward except for 1 party.

As we understood. With the completion of the said project. The initial appointed treasurer/project manager was brought to understand that funds were diverted due to a lack of transparency and moved to a different account, with the presumption that the funds would eventually come through. This was an account held under an individual name and not a company.

The funds in which transacted via this individual’s account, was that of a member holding dual post. That of which in Axis and the said Fraction.

Power hungry, this individual had overthrown the treasurer/project manager to claim full glory on the said project and not to mention the supposed payments and funds. Leaving the now victim, searching for a workaround to this matter.

We also understand that Axis was left in the dark on this matter till recently. They are now in talks with the victim and are undertaking the necessary corrective measures.

We hope that this matter would be ironed out as soon as possible and punish the culprit(s) involved.

We only want the best for Esports in Malaysia and disapprove of all acts of negativity from these handful of bad hats.

Disclaimer: These are the views expressed by the victim whom wishes to remain anonymous for the time being.
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