Call Of Duty : WARZONE – Everything You Need To Know

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Yes it's launching and it's free for everyone! You can download on PC, PS4 or Xbox.

FPS gamers rejoice! The battle royale Call Of Duty is releasing free for everyone to play! Plenty of information has been dropping but honestly we did not expect it to be free. What an awesome news to us FPS players.

How to download it for free and where

If you already own COD – MW, then you just got to download at least another 18-20 gigs of game data via Battle Net client for PC. 

If you don’t own it, don’t worry, it will cost you at least 80-115 gigs of your memory. Yes you can also download it direct on Battle Net for PC.

Expected it to be available on 3 a.m Malaysia time.

Two Awesome modes that are available. Battle Royale and Plunder

In Battle Royale, fight to be the last squad standing while escaping the deadly gas in the swiftly closing circle with up to 150 players. In Plunder, the race is on to collect the most in-match Cash by looting across the map, taking down enemies to steal their Cash, and completing in-match Contracts. Warzone takes place in Verdansk, an expansive city with multiple named zones and well over 300 points of interest. Each zone features distinct landmarks like the Gorengard Lumber Yard or the Gora Dam; the zones take place across different environment types like cities and rural areas for unique engagements. Change up your drop location in each match to get a better lay of the land and take advantage of what Verdansk has to offer. Need to escape the gas in the closing circle or get to another zone? Take a vehicle.

CoD - Warzone

Image credit: Activision

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